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Earth Instagram? Which social media will be the next “big thing” in Earth science education?

November 7, 2013

Facebook use is in decline among teens and young college students.  (For example, see .)

What social media are you using?  In your opinion, where should Earth scientists go to reach college students today?

Please comment!

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  1. Joe Camacho permalink

    I use Facebook entirely too much. Sometime I have to block it on my web browser just so I can get things done! If Earth scientists are interested in reaching college students, using social media to increase interest in the geosciences could potentially work. Facebook is probably one of the most used social media websites. The article linked above of course disagrees with that statement, but there is still a good amount of college students using Facebook. I personally do not use Twitter, but from the CNN report, it seems like a TON of people use Twitter. I could also see this as a great way for geoscientists to connect to college students.

    Experiences that I usually look for are all expenses paid previews- that is, paying for students to go check out facilities or campuses. This really worked for the G.E.M.S. Preview program at UC Santa Barbara. I went to visit the campus three years ago and now it is one of my main choices for graduate school.

  2. Geology faculty at College of Wooster are doing a lot with social media. For example . . .

    All-expenses-paid campus visits sure are nice. Some things are tough to duplicate in cyberspace.

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