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Nashville High School Career Academies Helping to Shape Next Generation

November 25, 2013

I have been a partner with Cane Ridge High School for the last four years as a mentor for high school freshman – senior.  Cane Ridge High School is part of the Nashville Career Academies ( whose mission is having students belong to a personalized, smaller learning community engaged around interests where relationships are valued.  Cane Ridge has a 75% minority population with so many of the children coming from low income families.  They deal with so much outside of the classroom that I have enjoyed seeing the progress and success of the students that have chosen the Academy of Architecture and Construction.  One particularly exciting effort has been the ACE Competition ( where students are required to design a construction project for their school and come up with technical and financial supporting data for implementation.  They have to present in front of 300 industry executives for the final judging.  I am a proponent of practical, applied hands on curriculum and this high school is making both trade jobs and college degree jobs seem attainable to students who don’t always believe in themselves.    

Dr. Heather Brown, Co-Principal Investigator, Geoenvironmental Challenges in the Southeastern United States

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