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American Institute of Professional Geologists: your local geoscientists

December 13, 2013

American Institute of Professional Geologists (AIPG) national president Ronald Wallace and Tennessee Section president Todd McFarland (Nashville office of AMEC Earth and Environmental, Inc.) visited Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU) on December 5th for an AIPG section meeting.  AIPG can be a great source for local speakers knowledgeable about how the work of geoscientists impacts local communities.  Indeed, most AIPG members can talk about what geoscientists “actually do” after earning bachelor’s and master’s degrees, and most AIPG members have a wealth of applied Earth knowledge learned on the job as well as in the classroom.  Many AIPG members work alongside engineers and other science professionals to solve local environmental problems every day.

From an education perspective, one of the differences between AIPG and two of the other major geoscience societies, the Geological Society of America and the American Geophysical Union, is that a substantial number of AIPG members have expressed skepticism about the extent to which human activity is to blame for global warming during the last 150 years.  In contrast, the Geological Society of America (position statement) and the American Geophysical Union (position statement) follow the lead of most climate scientists in attributing most of the warming to human activity.

-Mark Abolins, Geoenvironmental Challenges principal investigator

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