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On the road with future science teachers (Day 2)

June 9, 2014


Day 2
June 4th, 2014
Mammoth Cave National Park and the American Museum of Science and Energy
By pre-service teacher Bethany Westerhoff

We started our day with a hike to Echo River Spring in Mammoth Cave National Park. This is a natural spring near where water from the caves reached the surface and flows to the main river. Ranger Chris Clark was our guide on the hike and was full of great information about the spring and the caves in general. After exploring all the underground structures of the caves it was fascinating to see how it is all put together at ground level.

We then were able to start a long drive from Cave City, KY to Oak Ridge, TN early. It was a long drive and we were able to make a quick stop for lunch and to continue the drive to Oak Ridge, TN. The AMSE was pretty interesting. Oak Ridge, Tennessee was a small down that during WWII was a place of nuclear development related to the Manhattan Project. The museum was full of interactive activities and great information about chemistry. After exploring the museum for a couple hours we ended up at our hotel room and had a great mexican dinner all together. I think everything enjoyed the day and had fun exploring new areas!

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